After breaking the Senators daughter out of the notorious Nuevo Laredo prison, it was time to meet back up with the Sikorsky helicopters and load up the wounded and the Senators daughter who was in pretty bad shape. Everyone was crammed into the choppers but four people. Misty, who was wounded with bullet strafing across her left shoulder, Dwain, Josh and myself. No more bodies could be squeezed in, so I made the only decision I could. The four of us would have to walk out of the Mexican desert to get home. Not only would the Mexican military be looking for us but the Cartel’s whose prison we had just destroyed, would be hard on our trail.
We walked and sometimes ran through five days of record 100 degree plus heat, living in sandy, red ant invested fox holes and walking all nights and early morning hours. We walked over rattlesnakes and scorpions and came within sixty miles of the Texas, Rio Grand river border crossing before we were discovered.
No matter how careful we were, it was only a matter of time before we were found. The Mexican Military Bell choppers saw our dust cloud as we ran and came closer to investigate. Two choppers did a fly by, shooting their 50 Cal. machine guns raining bullets down on our position. There was no escape. No flight out. We had to fight or die trying.