I have released two books in my series titled, THE EYE OF THE HAWK. The fiction novels are adventure-thrillers that will keep you turning the page for more. My next book in the series will be coming soon!

THE EYE OF THE HAWK book series includes these books so far:

  1. In The Eye Of The Hawk – available now!
  2. The Mongoose Diaries – available now!
  3. Panga Wars – coming 2019

The series is becoming popular and readers are asking for more, so more is coming! I have several completed manuscripts for the adventure series. The main character, Hawk, and his elite team continue the battle against the enemy to save lives.

The novel, In The Eye Of The Hawk, made The New York Times Book Review 2018. You can buy my books on this website using Pay Pal or Credit Card. They are also available on Amazon, including a Kindle e-book version which can be adapted to Apple or Android phones for reading.

Relax, enjoy reading my novels, and experience the exciting adventures throughout the book. Thank you to all my loyal readers and fans – be sure to review each of my books on this website under the “BOOKS” tab.  Happy reading everyone!