In The Eye of The Hawk

Top fiction adventure, thriller, a must read!

New York Times Book Review 2018

About The Author

Rex Barton, a fiction writer, retired United States Army, Military Policemen, retired Law Enforcement, retired Mortgage Broker/Realtor. Most of the material in Rex’s books, comes from the incidents in his Military Police work and that of Law Enforcement.

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In the Eye of The Hawk

Hawk used his patrol unit to do a pit maneuver on John Bloods GTO. It would be dangerous, especially on such a narrow dirt road. At 65 to 70 mph, Hawk drove his unit hard into the right rear bumper of the GTO, then backed off rapidly. As he suspected, Blood could not...

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The Mongoose Diaries

After breaking the Senators daughter out of the notorious Nuevo Laredo prison, it was time to meet back up with the Sikorsky helicopters and load up the wounded and the Senators daughter who was in pretty bad shape. Everyone was crammed into the choppers but four...

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