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This story is a work of Non-Fiction. A Biography of a very young boy who grew-up in spite of what life’s challenges threw at him. What If is about the choices in life that all of us must make at some point be them right or wrong. Which fork in the road do I take, is unfortunately not asked by Hawk Barton to a parent. He didn’t really have one he had many (not all good) as you will read. I suppose you could say Hawk’s Grandparents were the most influential and stable of anyone, even though they had their own dysfunction’s.

Hawk, in his narrative fashion weaves the conversations he had between actual Angels and demons through his young life met with abuse at the hands of many. Hawk, was a protagonist. He learned to hide his outward fears, which dominated his early life. Yet those fears at one point had to be surrendered to God, because he could no longer suppressed them down. Those fears and doubts would involuntarily surface at inappropriate times. They also drove him to excel.

Hawk was always on guard and always trying to prove himself and to others. If he didn’t you might get too close and learn who he really was. Scared!

There were many near death experiences and one actual recorded death experience in his life. Many times they were squashed deep down inside him. A mother and people of influence who said, ‘never repeat what happened’. ‘Promise you will never tell anyone’. This prevented the natural joy’s in life to smile upon him, and quarreled with his inner self and what he knew to be true.
The one true love that Hawk learned to trust completely was God himself. People and places in his life always let Hawk down. God never did. Hawk eventually learned to live by Grace which is freely given him and to all others who trust in our Lord.
Through loving relationships, he managed to stabilize the other side of his life with Annie, his wife of many years. He credits Annie, his four children and four grandchildren for showing him, that love covers all things.

You won’t want to put this book down until you have read the entire story of Hawk and the other three fiction books which mirror his life.

What If. A question perhaps we all need to ask ourselves now and then. Did I make the right choice? Am I on the right path?
For Hawk, when he stopped asking self and started asking God, the paths of life changed. Sometimes he had to stand at the crossroads of life and wait. You see God will always answer you when you call, however, it might be yes, no or wait. He does answer and we might not always like the answer, but our one true God has only our best interest at heart. Be patient, read and wait.


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